Health is not a chore

Published in Thoughts on Jan 4, 2021

Short rant.

I never understood why people view health as some side duty that they have to do in life.

It's literally feeling good. That's what health is. It's not some "ah yeah I know I shouldn't be doing X so that I'm healthy in 30 years". No, it's largely about the present moment.

I don't see why you wouldn't want to feel good.

It seems like a large part of this is people having a severe lack of introspective skills. When I eat something sugary, and I feel like shit, I know that it was the sugary food so I feel repelled by it. I don't want to eat it again. Some taste in mouth has extremely little value compared to feeling like shit shortly after.

Maybe having a mindfulness practice — and generally being used to observing your own body and mental state — is the right way to fix this. When you know that something puts you in pain, you don't do it. So why do people do stuff that makes them feel bad in ~10 minutes. Lack of ability to connect the cue with the outcome. Lack of ability to observe oneself.


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